License Optimization

We will look after your data and get the most out of it. Our experts will also analyze and optimize their associated processes. Profit from the SAM Optimization Model (SOM).

After the license evaluation, we will take the next step and review guidelines and approach to procurement, utilization and withdrawal from service as well as license-related compliance matters.

In-Depth Analysis

We will analyze your IT assets and processes carefully and in detail.

Long-Term Processes

Establish new SAM processes and optimize the ones already in existence for the long term.

Holistic Analysis

We will take a look at both your technology as well as your procedural landscape.

SOM Levels of Maturity

Because of the four levels of maturity of the SAM optimization model (SOM), the SAM approach used until now can be analyzed effectively and objectively and suggestions for improvement derived from it.

SAM Basis (Ad-Hoc)

Your company has little or no control over which IT assets are used where. Guidelines, processes, resources and tools to do so are all missing.

SAM Standardized (Resource Tracking)

Your company will have at its disposal not only SAM levels of maturity but also a filing location for tools. Information is incomplete or inexact and will not be consulted for decision-making.

SAM Rationalized (Active Participant Tracking)

Your company will have a vision, guidelines, corporate processes and tools to manage the IT life cycle for software status. Your IT assets will be based on reliable information and managed in terms of your corporate objectives.

SAM Dynamic (Optimized)

Your company will be able to react to changing business conditions in close to real time. SAM will serve as a strategically important financial asset for all of your corporate goals.

SAM Processes – Comprehensive Service

While taking inventory, we will take an interdisciplinary look at various technical departments and make sure that new assets are also landing in the inventory and in addition, include sufficient information in order to be able to manage hardware and software life cycles. This includes, in addition, the “Begin of Life” and “End of Life”; in other words, from purchase/lease/rental of the assets all the way to their disposal/malfunction/storage.

Your commercial processes such as, for example, purchase/acquisition or extensions of contract and maintenance will also be brought into focus. The goal in all of this is to inventory as many assets as possible. Only then can we achieve the necessary transparency to remain capable of acting even after the end of the project. We will call to your attention possibilities for automating commercial transactions. This can occur, for example, through the application of automated shopping systems (order processing) and automated cost center accounting.

To do this, a profound understanding of all your structures and processes is needed along with in-depth technical know-how. We will analyze how the current corporate processes are organized and how costs are being calculated (internal shared service center structure vs. classic cost center allocation), how roles and rights are distributed within the company, who the contact persons are for technical issues and much more.

As soon as our consultants have achieved a precise picture, they can start to deliver profitable suggestions. After detailed stocktaking, our consultants will submit recommendation and establish processes whereby you alone or with our help can periodically render resolutions and decisions. In so doing, we will of course, always respect the jurisdictions within your company. In other words, we can establish connections and hold clarification sessions on short notice.

Last but not least, SAM Processes also takes a look at strategic subject matter such as, for example, budget planning for software expenditures in the following year. Together with you, we define “product owners” and “process owners”, sketch the processes graphically and integrate them into your procedural landscape. We are also able to integrate SAM processes into existing quality assurance systems and process management systems, so that you can also benefit over the long term from such costly subjects as a “friendly audit”.

License Optimization with SAM Now

SAM Now is in a position to map such projects seamlessly from technology into the procedural landscape and strategy. Starting the project is seamlessly possible from every one of the points described above. You will be qualified by us step-by-step in terms of the level system and will, by the end of the project, be in a position to profit from its implementation.

We pursue a holistic approach, analyze existing processes and support and orchestrate the necessary parts of the process redesign on the customer’s part, so that SAM can also work for you over the long term. Through the combination of experience, professional competence and methodology, we are offering you the best possible service. Are you interested in learning about your potentials? Or do you already have a pretty accurate concept as to what kinds of optimizations need to be undertaken in your company? Would you like to have a professional stocktaking undertaken in your company? You can gladly arrange a no-obligation consultation appointment with us; our top qualified specialists will be happy to advise you. We are already looking forward to your contacting us!

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